Tokens for private sale investors are vested via Unvest!

The AtomPad project have vested some Private Pre-sale tokens with the Unvest project. This service allows projects to vest their tokens and receive ‘Liquid Vested Tokens’ (LVT) which can then be traded separately until the vesting period ends. After the vesting ends the LVT can be exchanged 1:1 for the unlocked tokens via the Unvest app.

Unvest are building a trading platform on their website ( but, until that is completed, you are able to trade these tokens ‘On The Chain’ (OTC). On the Binance Smart Chain the easiest way to do this is to use 1Inch limit orders. This post provides step by step instructions.

To sell an LVT:

The limit order will then be submitted (no further gas is required)
You can check the status via the settings button in the top right
Scroll down to active orders and you should see the details. Note — you can cancel if you like but it will cost more gas.

To buy an LVT:

Note: If someone has told you they have posted some tokens for sale at that price then the order should be filled immediately, if not it can be found in ‘Active Orders’ under the settings.