AtomPad a Diverse Multi-Chain De-Fi Ecosystem

AtomPad is a multi-chain launchpad focused on secure and faultless project launches which grants token stakers exclusive access to pre-sales of projects carefully selected for our launchpad. AtomPad is deployed on Binance Smart Chain and will provide a launchpad platform with multi-chain support.

Supported chains by AtomPad: Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, Avax, Tron, Chainlink, Cartesi, Neo, Enecuum.

AtomPad is the first platform that implemented NFTs into launchpad, investors will be able to purchase limited NFTs which will grant LIFETIME allocations for every project that launches on the platform.

Allocation System

Why AtomPad?

As the decentralized space is growing at lightning speed, projects need to adapt to the multi-chain future or risk becoming irrelevant. AtomPad supports 10 blockchains which were carefully selected by the team. Our priority is to allow investors to connect with exclusive crypto startups without them needing to worry about security issues. Every project has to pass internal KYC and security audits by AtomRate to be eligible for our platform. We are constantly working on expanding the list of supported blockchains, based on demand, performance, sustainability and growth.

Wen launch?

Platform is already ready for launch and exact date and more details will be announced soon! Smart contracts have been successfully tested by 30 testers, project logo has been updated and website is live! Next step is to focus on marketing and finish collaborations with our partners!

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